Presidents Hall of Fame on MyFox October 30, 2012

the Presidents Hall of Fame on MyFox December 17, 2012

By Tom Johnson, Reporter - bio
When Barbara Morris first heard the tiny little mewing sounds coming from inside the "Lincoln Memorial," she thought there was not anything to worry about.  When she returned to work the next day at the Presidents Hall of Fame Museum in Clermont, and heard the mews again, she knew something was wrong.

She says, "The first time I thought mommy will come and get him.  But then, he was still here."

That's when Morris called the Minneola Fire Department to ask if they had any suggestions how to get the kitten out of the massive memorial replica.

"All I did was call and ask if they did that, because animal control is not open on weekends when this happened.  5 minutes later the fire truck was here!" says Morris.

The fire department cut a hole in the top of the statue's base then lowered a firefighter down inside to rescue the kitten.

The little feline was about 2-3 weeks old and dehydrated.  Firefighters fed him with a dropper then the Humane Society of Lake County took over.  The kitten is now named "Little Abe" and is living in a foster home until he's strong enough and old enough to be adopted out.  That will happen sometime around the first of the year.

If you're interested in giving "Little Abe" a good home you can reach the Humane Society of Lake County at:  352-589-7400.