Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan was familiar with the built-to-scale model White House.

As the 2016 presidential election year officially begins, Freaky Florida paid homage to our executive branch by visiting the Presidents Hall of Fame in Clermont.

Yes, that’s right — Clermont, Florida.

The Presidents Hall of Fame is one of the oldest roadside attractions in the state. It opened in the early 1960s with some wax figures of past presidents. Over the years, the attraction has grown to include a miniature Mount Rushmore, miniature White House and even replicas of Abraham Lincoln’s death masks.

The centerpiece is the built-to-scale model White House. It took more than 2,000 man-hours to build the stunning replica, on a scale of 1 inch to 1 foot. The house is 60 feet long and 20 feet wide. The current motif is from the most recent Bush administration.

Freaky Florida host Rusty Kath and a Presidents Hall of Fame staff member peer through a window of the miniature White House.


Visitors can also sit in the Oval Office. Well, not the Oval Office, but one that can make you feel presidential. It features a replica of the Resolute desk, which has been used by many presidents. It’s probably best known for a picture that featured a young John F. Kennedy Jr. peering out of the front panel.


his famous picture shows a young John F. Kennedy Jr. with his Dad at the Resolute desk.


There are some odd exhibits and features, too. One example is a fortune teller machine featuring the 43rd president of the United States, George W. Bush. There’s also a statue of John Wayne as well as an unusual gift shop that features a German village, circus memorabilia and first lady scarves.





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