For a Limited Time, you can take your photograph alongside Martin Luther King Jr.!


For the month of January 2019, on display is a rare, one-of-a-kind wax figure of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr created by acclaimed Hollywood Legend and artist Katherine Stubergh. Stubergh, was a sculptress refer to by many as "The American Madame Tussaud." In her career she created thousands of true-to-life wax figures of some of histories most memorable personalities.

She was also the true sculptor of the pieces displayed in the 1953 horror classic 'House of Wax' (sorry Vincent Price, we still love you!) The figure of Dr. King itself, is a part of the WAXIPEDIA ARCHIVES which strives to save and share the unique history of the wax arts with the public in the name of both education and entertainment.

The figure was created from life, by Stubergh, after meeting with Dr. King in 1965 in what artists refer to as a "sitting" where measurements and photographs are taken to assist in sculpting as realistic as doppelganger as possible. Stubergh had had many "sittings" with people ranging from Presidents to celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney. Mae West once famously said (when it was revealed that Katherine wanted to be a dancer) "Kid, anybody can make a piece of mud look like me shouldn’t be no dancer."

Special THANKS to Timothy Randall and WAXIPEDIA for allowing us to show this magnificent model. 



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